Francesca Romana Caputo
All the Beautiful Things
I Wish I Could Show You

A Photography Exhibition

C&B Cafe, 178 E 7th Street, New York
Opening reception - Friday, June 26th, 7-9 pm

Please join me for the opening reception on
Friday, June 26th, 7-9 pm
Come one, come all!

A selection of the photos included in my book will be on display and available for purchase at C&B Cafe through the summer.


All the Beautiful Things I Wish I Could Show You is a collection of photos taken between 2009 and 2014, a time in which I travelled between New York, the city where I live, Rome, the city I am from, and LA, the city of my heart. The majority of the pictures were shot with a camera phone. The informality of the process has helped capture my own introspective journey through these three cities and the effect it has had on the shaping of my soul. It is a story about friendship, commitment, and ultimately, about love.

I am a professional dreamer, not a photographer. I’ve been asked many times what I was going to do with all the pictures I take. Until now, I never really had an answer. Although I knew each time I was pressing the button of my camera phone I was ‘capturing an instant’ for someone, I had no idea this collection of pictures would one day become an actual project, a long, colored letter without words. By letting it be what it decided to be, the book almost literally shaped itself into a string of moods and feelings. Art, the skies, New York’s layers and textures, the subway's subterranean magic, a mosaic of Rome, the blue of LA, everything is bound together by one thread: emotion.

This book is for someone special in my life, someone I would have liked to have lived and experienced all the beautiful things with.

This book is also for anyone who, through their generous contributions, will make it possible for it to be the first of many. It is my hope that the emotions I felt when capturing these images will be transmitted through its pages to anyone who opens its cover.

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Explore the exhibition while enjoying the best coffee and the most delicious food, prepared using only seasonal, local ingredients.

C&B Cafe
178 E 7th Street (b/t Avenue A & Avenue B), New York, NY 10009
L at 1st Ave, F at 2nd Ave
8 am - 8pm, Monday to Sunday


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Francesca Romana Caputo - Professional Dreamer