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Coffee Shop

Local Vibes

This place is definitely a locals spot and, wow, is it good!

—Nicole G., Yelp reviewer, June, 2018



Extraordinary interiors with attention to the smallest detail reflect a unique combination of history, heritage with modern design, cosmopolitan vibe and global environmental awareness.

Cocktail Bar & Lounge


A strong design narrative is a staple of any successful project. Crafting a compelling story is the first step in making that story come alive.
In this fantasy-like exotic world that feels like taking a ride inside a magical rug, a motif that melds a Persian flower and an Azeri pomegranate takes over the floors, walls and ceiling, glowing from purple- and red-tinted lighting.

Lobby Lounge


Designed to express the duality between heritage and innovation, influenced by the themes of permanence and transition. Conceived like a luxurious “chaikhana” (the traditional Central Asian tea house) for modern nomads, the space is anchored by a central tea studio, where the various rituals of tea-making are enacted live.

Boutique Penthouse | Luxury Vacation Rental


A unique penthouse suite, a secret portal of insider access to the city. The exclusive residence located atop a charming 17th-century palazzo offers modern comfort and design. The hotel unlocks doors and allows guests to embark on a journey of tailored experiences curated by some of Rome’s top arbiters.

Fitness Centre & Swimming Pool


The facilities have a cutting edge design blending chic materials into a subtly powerful visualization of what an ideal luxury gym and swimming pool should look like. To see it gives you the feeling that the facility is to fitness what a power-breakfast haunt is to business moguls.

Food Hall


Local and regional purveyors, delicious food, bespoke interior design.
Bay Market Kitchen was born from the desire to offer real food and authentic flavors that characterize the neighborhood—past and present.

Restaurant & Shop


A fresh, vibrant and hip alternative to the usually predictable hotel all-day dining restaurant. An all immersive environment of laid-back luxury merging art, retail, bar and dining.