Tradition | Razzmatazz Cocktail Bar & Lounge

Tradition | Razzmatazz Cocktail Bar & Lounge

A strong design narrative is a staple of any successful project. Crafting a compelling story is the first step in making that story come alive.

In this fantasy-like exotic world that feels like taking a ride inside a magical rug, a motif that melds a Persian flower and an Azeri pomegranate takes over the floors, walls and ceiling, glowing from purple- and red-tinted lighting. A dramatic polished stainless steel sculptural bar and curving chairs in luxury metallic leathers provide a modern take on the underground glamour of a speakeasy.

Projects like this go to show that there is no too far outside the box when it comes to concepts, even in branded properties. They keys to making something this dramatic come off as polished are in the execution. Sticking to a limited palette lets the high-voltage design statement shine through without becoming overwhelming.

HOTELS Mag, January, 2015

2015 – Finalist in the Best Nightclub/lounge Category of the Gold Key of Excellence in Hospitality Design

Bar & Lounge
JW Marriott Hotel Absheron
Baku, Azerbaijan

Opened 2015

Interior Design Renovation
170 sq. m

Lead Designer | Design Manager
Blue Sky Hospitality, ltd.

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